What Is Digital Marketing?

                   Introduction of Digital Marketing


Definition of Marketing:-

Marketing Is a Way of Creating, Communicating, Delivering, And Exchanging Offerings That Have Value to Our Customer, Clients and Partners That Create a Benefit to Them As Well As For Us. 


Introduction of Digital Marketing 

    Digital Marketing is an Approach Where We Promote/Advertise Product, Brand and Services Trough Digital Medium Such as Wireless Connection and the Internet to achieve a goal which is Awareness, Consideration, Purchase and Loyalty.


Career Opportunities  

      Career opportunities in digital marketing are: 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Manager
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Digital Media Planner
  • Ad-Words campaign Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • E-Commerce Sales Professional
  • Digital Marketing Agency


Digital Marketing as a Game Changer 

Today’s Era is Also Known as the Digital Era Internet Changed Everything A New Door Has Been Opened Towards a New World Filled with Endless Possibilities Now Days People Spending More And More Time Online Searching, Browsing, Shopping, Watching Videos and Communicating to The World Its Great Opportunity For Those Who Trying to Promote Or Grab Attention from People Maybe for their Brands or their Services And Turn them Into a New Costumer.




                          Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing 

Traditional Marketing 


  1. Advertising Mediums in Traditional Marketing are Newspapers, Pamphlets, Billboards, Banners, Television, Radio etc.
  2. Reach of your Mediums are Very Limited and Local.
  3. Traditional Marketing Allows You to Do Random Targeting Which Won’t Work Always.
  4. Traditional Marketing Works on a One-Way Communication method.
  5. In Traditional Marketing Tracking Your Costumers or Traffic Is about to Impossible.
  6. Traditional Marketing Is Very Expensive and Time Taking.
  7. Conversion rate Trough Traditional Marketing Are Very Low.


Digital Marketing:-

  1. Advertising Mediums in Digital Marketing are Search Engine Advertising, Website Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Ads.
  2. Reach Of Digital Mediums Are Endless and Spread World Wide By Using Wireless And the Internet.
  3.  Digital Marketing Gives You Opportunity To Target Your Costumer Specifically Like Age, Occupation, Gender, Marital Status, Even Educational Qualification and Their Interest.
  4. Digital Marketing Always Express In Two Way or Interactive Communication.
  5. In Digital Marketing We Can Track Easily Traffic, Expenses, Ads Which Performing Well And Which Aren’t.
  6. Digital Marketing Is Much Cheaper And Quick Just in Few Click Can Perform A Whole Champaign From Anywhere In The World.
  7. Conversion Rate In Digital Marketing From Unaware To a Loyal Costumer is Much Higher Than Traditional Marketing.



Search Engine-:                                                                             

Search Engine Is a Web Base Medium Where We Find Information, Perform Different Task with The Help of the Internet and Gave Us Relatable Result By Crawling Into Billions of Pages And Web Sites In Minimal Time.



Social Media :  

   Social Media Is a Web Base Platform Where People Get Connected with Family And Friends. Express Their Feelings and Thoughts Trough Pics, Videos and Stories. In Digital Marketing We Promote Our Products and Services On These Platforms.

There Are Many Social Media Platform Such as:-

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram Pinterest etc.


 Email Marketing: –  

Email Marketing Is One of The Most Evergreen Method Of Digital Marketing It is Perfect For:-

Aware People from Unaware

Purchase from Consideration

Make Them Loyal Customer After Purchase

Spreads a Personal Feeling Easy to Send, Saves Money and Time



Display Advertising: – 

Display Advertising is a Way of Marketing Where We Advertise Our Products or Services on Websites Trough Display ads, They Are Attractive, Informative Gives Glance About Whole Product/ Service at First Sight with High Conversion Rate.


 Affiliate Marketing:- 

Affiliate Marketing is a Tactic of Marketing Where We Tie-up with the Other Companies Website or Brands To Promote Our Services And Products With a Bit Of Commission/Favor.


Supporting Channels-:


Mobile Marketing:- 

Mobile Marketing Is Easy Way to Advertise in a Multiple Channel Advertising Technique Aimed at Reaching a Target Audience on Their Smartphones, Tablets, or Other Mobile Devices, Via Websites, Email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.




            Website Is a Set of  Web pages Stored on Online Servers to Provide Some Specific Information Accessible by Public Trough Internet We Can Use It To Promote Products And Services Smartly and Effectively.


Analytics :  

                Analytics is a Tool Given By Google With Extreme Powerful Tool To Track Performance Of Your Website Your Expenses Impression Clicks How Much Time Were Spend by Someone On Our Website Its Very Helpful To Shape  Your Website.