Introduction of Digital Marketing  

Introduction of Digital Marketing

Definition of Marketing

“Marketing is a tremendous way of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that provide some value to our customers, supposed clients, and partners and also create benefits to them as well as for us” so let’s move to our digital marketing introduction.

Introduction of Digital Marketing:-

Digital marketing is a new trending approach where we promote or advertise products, brands, and services through a digital medium such as wireless connection and the internet to achieve a goal which is spreading awareness, create consideration, increase purchase, and build loyalty with the help of online marketing tactics, amazing content and professional approach in the market. For More Detail article you can check this article “What is digital marketing

Introduction of digital marketing

Career Opportunities:-

  • Career opportunities in digital marketing are: – 

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)

  • Social Media Marketer 

  • Affiliate Marketer 

  • Digital Media Planner  

  • AdWords campaign Manager  

  • Content Marketer  

  • E-Commerce Sales Professional  

  • Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing as a Game Changer:-

Today’s era is also known as the digital era internet and artificial intelligence have changed everything drastically A new door has been opened to a new world filled with endless possibilities. Nowadays people spending more and more time online while searching, browsing, shopping, watching videos, and communicating with their loved once so brands thought it a great opportunity for them to promote their brand online and grab the attention of people who are looking for a brand, products or services like themselves and turn them into a new possible customer in near future.

Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing:-

  1. Advertising Mediums in Traditional Marketing are Newspapers, Pamphlets, Billboards, Banners, Television, Radio, etc.  
  2. The reach of your Mediums is Very Limited and Local. 
  3. Traditional Marketing Allows You to Do Random Targeting Which Won’t Work Always especially with new brands.  
  4. Traditional Marketing Works on a One-Way Communication method which means a person looking at your ad cannot communicate with you.   
  5. In Traditional Marketing Tracking Your Costumers actions, Traffic, and conversions Are next to Impossible.          
  6. Traditional Marketing Is a Very Expensive and Time-Taking process 
  7. Conversion rate Trough Traditional Marketing Are Very Low

Digital Marketing:-

  1. Advertising mediums in digital marketing are search engine advertising, website ads, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, podcasts, affiliate ads, and YouTube promotions.  
  2. The reach of digital mediums is endless and spread worldwide by using wireless and the internet.  
  3.  Digital marketing allows you to target your audience specifically like age, occupation, gender, marital status, even educational qualification, and their interest which gives you an edge over traditional marketing.  
  4. Digital marketing always communicates in a two-way or interactive communication method.  
  5. In digital marketing, we can track traffic, conversion, expenses, ads that are performing well and which aren’t very easy.  
  6. Digital marketing is much more affordable and fast just in few clicks can perform A whole campaign from anywhere in the world.  
  7. The conversion rate in digital marketing from unaware to loyal customers is much higher than in traditional marketing

Mediums Of Digital Marketing:-

Search Engine:-

A search engine is a website that is made up of domain name and hosting same as other websites can be accessed through the internet having a specific function which is providing relevant results whenever someone puts any query/keyword in the search box.
There are plenty of search engines available in the market today such as:-
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Duck Duck Go, and many more are in the market although google is the most popular search engine among all.

Google logo

Social Media:-

Social media are web base platforms where people get connected with their family, friends, colleagues even with strangers to express their feelings, thoughts, emotions with the help of pics, videos, text, or audio. In digital marketing, we promote our brand, products, and services on these platforms to achieve maximum reach to our target audience. There are many social media platforms such as :- Facebook, Twitter, clubhouse, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, tumbler etc.

social media marketing infographic

Email Marketing:-

Email marketing is one of the most evergreen and primitive methods of digital marketing where digital marketers using emails to interact with our target audience as well as with our existing customers. The best part of email marketing it spreads a personal feeling, is easy to send, saves money and time, traceable.

Its perfect method for:-

  • Aware people with our products or services who are unaware,  
  • Encourage people to purchase interested people, 
  • Make them loyal customers after purchase
Email Marketing

Display Advertising:-

Display advertising is one of the most popular and booming ways of marketing digitally where we advertise our products or services on different websites through display ads, they are attractive, informative give a glance at the whole product/ service at first sight, and provides a high conversion rate among all marketing channels.

display advertising

Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is a trending tactic of online marketing where we tie-up with other companies, websites, or brands to promote our services and products in exchange for a bit of commission/favor. We all must listen to such schemes in traditional marketing now it also has its digital presence and many companies are using it a lot such as amazon, Flipkart, and many more.

affiliate marketing

Supporting Channels:-

There are several supporting channels are available in the market that helps internet marketing to execute all the strategies created by experts. They are :-

Mobile Marketing:-

Mobile marketing is a booming and easiest way to promoting your products or services with a multiple channel advertising technique which is aimed at reaching maximum numbers of your target audience at their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices, via websites, email, SMS, and MMS, social media, and apps, etc.

mobile marketing

Website: -

A website is a set of web pages stored on online servers in form of HTML coding and additional java and CSS scripts to provide some specific information attractively and accessible by the public through the internet we can use it to promote products and services smartly and effectively with the help of quality content.



Analytics is a tool or an online software program given by google and many different companies with extreme abilities to track the performance and traffic of your website, landing pages as well as paid campaigns, your expenses, impressions, clicks, how much time was spent by someone at our particular webpage its very helpful to shape your digital marketing strategies and keep your eyes on your upcoming goals.

google analytics